Look and Feel Younger

Amazing Non-Surgical Facelift

A natural looking non-surgical face lift NEW to New Zealand! 

Want a non-surgical face lift that can successfully help you to turn back the clock? This natural facelift is an alternative to common treatments such as botox and dermal fillers. The non-surgical facelift we use hails from Germany. Every treatment is like a mini face lift - without surgery! What is truly unique and exciting about this treatment is that unlike other treatments such as botox or dermal fillers does not just treat the skin - it treats the whole body.
Ageing is a process that takes place in every cell of your body.
We may notice it more visibly in the skin but in order to really turn back the clock whole body health is essential. Botox and dermal fillers just treat the problem rather than the overall health of your body.The non-surgical facelift we use works on multiple levels, treating not only your skin but the overall health of your body by electronically stimulating acupressure points to give you a natural mini facelift every treatment.

Our non-surgical face lift is designed to:
*Stimulate the skin cells and improve the metabolism of the skin's connective components.

*Strengthen and tighten the facial tissue without surgery. 

*Accelerate the natural cellular renewal process by stimulating points on the skin.

*Improve blood circulation and normalise skin functions.

*Activate hormones and enzymes responsible for metabolism are activated.

Age 30-40                            Wrinkles disappear
Age 40-50                            Improves wrinkles by 50%
Age 50 plus                         Deep wrinkles improve by 50%

This non-surgical facelift is fabulous for the treatment of all skin problems. The results are amazing in the treatment of acne, wrinkles and the reduction of scar tissue. This is not a short term effect; the results are long-lasting and will strengthen muscles, tighten up the skin and counteract premature aging. Now a mini-facelift is possible in your lunch hour. You will look and feel great and nobody will know your secret!

"I am not the type to wear much makeup but when I turned 36 and with a new baby I wanted to treat myself. After four electronic facelift treatments my skin was looking great and I was also feeling more energised. I have been going to Stella once a month now for the past 20 years. People often say I look over a decade younger than I actually am and ask what my secret is." J.K

The other incredible benefit is that because the machine works on acupressure principles at the same time it is stimulating your skin cells to improve metabolism of the facial tissues it is also stimulating your organs and glands. Because good health and beauty comes from within this truly is a whole body treatment. Forget expensive and painful botox treatments. With this non-surgical face lift technology Yyou can leave feeling more energised and healthier with fresher, younger looking skin.

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